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Our AgeChecked WordPress Plugin is a leading online age verification service to protect your business and your customers. Partnered with, our plugin technology works with any WordPress platform.

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Our plugin is fully compliant with UK legislation for Age Verification and GDPR. Simply download and install the plugin into your WordPress website. If you need any help, we offer an installation service for a small additional fee.

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Why use the AgeChecked Plugin?

WordPress is one one of the leading platforms today. It is crucial to your business that you use trusted and reliable plugins for your WordPress website. If you choose to use anything other, you can compromise your website security and the security and data of your customers. Under the new GDPR laws, this could be a huge problem. We ensure that our plugin is secure, regularly updated and protects your business and customers.

Our official partner AgeChecked, offers more options than any other online age verification software provider. This is incredibly important as it gives your customer choices meaning they are more likely to pass the age verification process. The more passes you get, the greater the revenue for your online business.

As well as choice, consumers are also looking for speed of purchase. They don’t want to have to endure a lengthy verification process before getting to the point of sale. AgeChecked have included innovations to make this process as speedy as possible for the user, ensuring they get to the end of their purchase and convert if of the appropriate age.

Age Verification

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Protect your business with Age Verification

AgeChecked is a leading online age verification service provider. Discover how to protect your business and your customers by using our age verification solutions.

Age Verification is required by law if you supply products or services to age groups of 18+

Here is a list of the type of products and services that require Age Verification...

Choose Pricing Plan

We offer various subscription plans to make it easier and more cost effective for your business. Once you have paid for your selected subscription, you will be provided with a unique serial key to activate the plugin and use the service with AgeChecked.

Age Verification Plugin

1 Month


Starter Package

Renews Monthly

Fast and Secure

Premium Support

Age Verification Plugin

3 Months


Low Volume User

Renews Every 3 Months

Fast and Secure

Premium Support

Age Verification Plugin

6 Months


Medium Volume User

Renews Every 6 Months

Fast and Secure

Premium support

Age Verification Plugin

12 Months


Large Volume User

Renews Every 12 Months

Fast and Secure

Premium Support

Frequently Asked Question.

If you have any questions about our age verification plugin or AgeChecked, please read our FAQs. If you still ned help, please drop us a line.

Yes. Our plugin was design and developed with years of experience and knowledge in WordPress platforms. We understand that WordPress and Woocommerce update regularly and that outdated plugins can cause problems which is why our plugin is not reliant on WordPress updates. We control the code and provide updates as and when needed to ensure your WordPress website does not have any problems in running our plugin.

Yes. You can upgrade your plan at anytime by selecting a new one. We advise that you wait until your current plan is almost due to end as we are unable to issue refunds during a subscription.

We use PayPal to ensure that payment are safe and secure. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay via PayPal using Credit/Debit card.

No. Our plugin subscription is separate to the AgeChecked verification service. It is the official plugin for use on WordPress platforms that enable you to link to and use the verification services offered by AgeChecked. You will required a separate account and subscription with AgeChecked. Click here to visit AgeChecked.

You can download the plugin directly from our website or from within your WordPress plugin area in your website.

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